Vulcan Display Fireworks is dedicated to producing the ultimate fireworks experience with thrilling displays worldwide. Our company specializes in staging outdoor pyrotechnic shows that showcase the Vulcan® brand of fireworks. The Vulcan brand is famous worldwide for its premium and innovative quality. All fireworks used in our competitions and demonstrations are all made in our own factories in Beihai, Guangxi and Liuyang, Hunan, China. This ensures that our products conform to the strictest safety standards and performance is at its highest standards.

Our aim is to demonstrate the use of creative choreography, choice of music and custom-made fireworks to showcase a unique and memorable pyro-spectacle.

Vulcan Events offers indoor & special effects services in Hong Kong. All pyrotechnics used in our events are imported from the best stage effects producers in the USA and Europe. As required by law, all pyrotechnics used are approved by TELA and all materials are discharged in accordance to respective regulations and rules.

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